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Fairfax Sports Network
Frequently Asked Questions

What channels can I find FSN Programming on?
Fairfax Sports Network programming can be seen on
Cox Communications (Fairfax) Channel 10, Channel 21
Comcast (Reston) Channels 10, Channel 21
Verizon FiOS TV (Fairax) Channel 10, Channel 21

When does FSN Game of the Week air:
FPA Channel 10 – Saturdays 4:30PM and Mondays 3:30PM
FCPS Red Apple 21 – Mondays 8:00PM

I have Dish Network/Direct TV. Is FSN programming available on satellite?
Sorry. FSN programming is currently not available for customers of Dish Network or DirectTV. Our programming is only available through Cox Cable, Verizon FiOS TV, and Comcast Cable.

How come you never show my school on the GAME OF THE WEEK?
FSN makes every effort to cover all the schools in their viewing area. Unfortunately, some schools are difficult to televise from.
Several school gyms are so small we cannot comfortably fit our cameras and other equipment in the gym along with the fans who are there to enjoy the game in person.
Schools which we can’t reach at their home locations we make every effort to cover at away games in schools that can accommodate our needs.

Can my school submit tapes for highlights on the FAIRFAX SPORTS REPORT?
Yes. If your school shoots on Mini-DV, Full DV, DV Cam, DVD, or DVC-Pro format you may submit tapes to the show to be included. We do have a few easy requirements/guidelines we ask shooters to follow. If interested please contact our producers at Producers @ FairfaxSportsNetwork.com

Can my school submit news stories and scores to FAIRFAX SPORTS NETWORK’s website?
Yes. We currently have a few school submitting game stories, scores, and other content to our website. You can submit story ideas, scores, game reports, or promotions to us at: News @ FairfaxSportsNetwork.com

Does FAIRFAX SPORTS NETWORK cover Loudoun County Schools?
We are not currently televising games from Loudoun County Public Schools, but hope to again soon. We will occasionally cover games or events which feature Loudoun County schools when there are also Fairfax County Schools involved (such as Districts, Regions, States). We do post news stories involving Loudoun County on our website. For great news and photo coverage of Loudoun County visit our friends at http://www.VivaLoudoun.com/.

Can my company advertise on FSN’s GAME of the WEEK?
Yes, we have several ways you can promote your business on Fairfax Sports Network’s Game of the Week, FSN Rewind, and our website. Please contact us at Producers @ FairfaxSportsNetwork.com